PTA Minutes for Nov. 29, 2007

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PTA MS67 General Meeting, November 29, 2007

The Co-Presidents called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m. with quorum.

A motion was made to accept the minutes by a member. The motion was seconded and passed.


Approval of the Bylaws

A package was sent home with the revisions that had been compiled by Bonnie Song.

Bonnie addressed the members by explaining why revisions to the bylaws were necessary in order to bring them into compliance with the Chancellor’s regulations. . There was an oversight in the area regarding the Executive Board in our by-laws. A recommendation was made to include Vice-Presidents of Fundraising and Membership, and to include a Corresponding Secretary, as well as to clarify the line of succession within the Executive Board.

The by-laws also reflected a conflict in the time that Executive Board Meetings as well as General Membership Meetings are held.

She also recommended to change the quorum necessary to conduct PTA business at general meetings from 20 members to 11 members. The By-law and Sunshine Committees were added as Standing Committees.

The Emergency expenditure amount was blank and has been specified as $150. ATM cards and checks for “petty cash” are prohibited.

CDEC members cans serve on SLT.

Other regulations required by the Chancellor’s office were included and needed to be adopted by the membership as well.

Marta Agosti asked for a motion to approve the revisions to the by-laws. Before the motion was approved Bonnie suggested that we change our meeting dates so as not to conflict with the CDEC meetings.

Marta explained that there are always going to be conflicts and that when the By-Laws are revised next year we can specify that we can meet on any Thursday.

Once again, Marta asked for a motion. One member made the motion – it was seconded. A majority of the members present approved with 0 “no’s” and 0 “abstentions.”

PTA Website

Doris Iskaros was asked to speak about the idea of a PTA website. Her husband, Ralph, has agreed to create a site for our PTA and maintain it. Ralph has experience in this area as he has created the website for St. Anastasia and for the group Hugs Across America, as well as others. He is willing to find a location and a name and design the site. Material provided to him for posting would be approved by the PTA and the school. We need parents who can provide content. The cost of the domain is not expensive. Discussion followed with consensus being that a website is a necessary tool and an improved form of communication for today. Marta will form an ad-hoc committee and a liaison will be found to get things posted. Sign up form for a committee went around the room. Notices from the Parent coordinator could also be posted on the website.

Schedule Change

The Presidents’ requested a change of date for our General Meeting scheduled for March. The original date was scheduled on Holy Thursday. A request was made to change the date to March 6th. A motion was made to change the date and seconded.

The majority approved – none opposed, none abstained.

PTA Acknowledgements to Staff

The Sunshine Committee chair could not be present to discuss this so Marta addressed did so. The Exec. Bd. suggested that the PTA should uniformly acknowledge any events (births/deaths/illnesses) of a PTA member or their immediate family with a card to the Staff or PTA member.