PTA Minutes for Oct. 25, 2007

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M.S. 67 PTA General Meeting, October 25, 2007

Meeting called to order by Jenny Cho at 7:06 pm with 20 member quorum.

Motion to approve minutes was seconded. Minutes approved by majority member vote.

President’s Report: VP/Fundraising -Jenny announced that due to a discrepancy with the By Laws the 2 nominees for VP/Fundraising would not be voted in as officers but instead will chair the ad hoc fundraising committee. Members included Ingrid Guaspisaca, Cindy Yoon, and Bonnie Song.

Bonnie Song will head the Bylaw committee. The by-laws were found to not adequately reflect the Executive Board positions, as well as some other points. Notices will be sent home reflecting any by-law changes which will need to be voted on at a future meeting.

Fundraising Survey- Only 15 people responded to the survey distributed at the last PTA meeting. Of those responses, most preferred some type of performance fundraiser or a gift sale of some kind. Because of the amount of effort needed and the relatively small return in profit to have a successful affair, the executive board decided to run a pledge drive. The pledge will not completely replace other fundraisers but it will give an early boost to the budget with a small amount of work. It was suggested that the pledge letter offer a menu of donation choices and that the letter specify what exactly the PTA funds with the money. Bonnie Song reminded everyone that the letter must be approved by the membership and must be approved as a line item on the budget. Maria Mo indicated that the budget contains the line “fundraising drive” and has already been approved. We only received 215 membership donations and the same families will probably contribute to pledge. Discussion followed that the pledge letter have various amounts to contribute ie. $30, $50, $100, etc. or even Bronze Donor, Silver, Gold levels. Bonnie Song noted that Matching donations may not be possible because of federal tax exemption id is needed by the PTA, but matching funds can be donated directly to the school. Marilyn dos Santos made the motion that the Pledge Letter reflect $30, $50, $100, and other to be drafted by the fundraising committee. Motion seconded and passed.

Mr. Sachoroff ‘s Report on Self -Sustaining Program: The program began in 1990 with original objective of preparing children for the specialized high school test. Now 20 teachers, secretaries and aides help with the program, making this the biggest year to date. It is a 3 term program (fall, winter, spring) with 30 students in each class. The most advances are in state test prep for ELA and math. This year the Kaplan test prep was introduced with positive response from teachers and students. The fall flyer introduced some of the winter test prep classes. There are academic, recreational (sports) and fun (chocolate making, and scrap booking.) Classes are determined by teacher availability and suggestions. The suggestion for adult classes proved that there is not enough interest. We need more teachers especially math, but cannot rely on those from other schools because they have later dismissal times and must travel to 67. Retired teachers have been approached, but don’t seem interested. Children are always turned away from the program. In particular when a few spots opened for the math prep class beginning in January Mr. Sachoroff;s office was deluged with replies. Due to this lack of teachers not everyone was able to be accepted. Some parents asked him to address the reason why the day the class is offered changed from what was described during registration last Spring. Mr. Sacharoff explained that just before the school year began teachers backed out on him and therefore the schedule had to be rearranged.

There is no boys’ basketball because there is a district boy’s team and no other teacher available.