Bottle Cap Recycling Program

In cooperation with the Aveda™ Corporation, MS 67 is participating in a new recycling initiative. We are collecting plastic bottle caps, which will be recycled for the Aveda product line. The classrooms and cafeteria of our school are equipped with designated containers to collect the caps. Our goal is to take care of our environment and help make advances in recycling while helping students influence positive change in the world.

Aveda discovered that the U.S. did not have infrastructure in place to recycle plastic bottle caps. When plastic bottles are recycled, the caps are generally not included in the recycling stream and become waste. Even worse, they pollute beaches and oceans… The colorful caps float, attracting birds who mistake them for food – and the caps wreak havoc on creatures’ digestive systems. The magnitude of this problem is devastating our oceans and wildlife, and until recently, the problem has gone unresolved.

How to help:

  • Collect plastic bottle caps (from water bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.)
  • Bring the bottle caps to school, and deposit them in a collection box !

We ask all students to deposit every plastic bottle cap from the beverages they drink at school in the boxes. This alone could add up to thousands of caps collected each week! A team of MS 67 student volunteers will periodically empty the containers and ship the caps to the recycling facility.

Here’s what happens then:

The caps are ground into tiny chips. The bits that cannot be used (paper and rubber liners) are separated, and the plastic chips are washed. They are then remolded into bottle caps for Aveda’s products such as shampoos and lotions. Extra caps can be used to make other containers, such as paint cans, for other manufacturers. So keep the caps coming!

Thanks for your support!