PTA Minutes for Jan. 10, 2008

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MS 67 PTA GENERAL MEETING, January 10, 2008

Marta called the meeting to order at 7:28pm with quorum.

Presentation on the ELA test

Marta introduced Ms. Han & Ms. Skoutakis (our Math & ELA coaches)

In advance of the ELA exam this Tuesday they gave a handout of the format of the exams.

There is one more ELA open house this Saturday (1/12)

Ms. Skoutakis spoke about the NYS Math tests.

They will take place on Monday 3/10/08 and Tuesday 3/11/08 with open house test preps held on March 1 and March 8.

The format of the tests includes short response questions where the student must show their work, and extended response questions where the student must show their work and then explain how they got the answer.

In preparation for the exams the school has been using the Acuity program, an updated version of the Princeton Review. Through the Acuity program the students take a diagnostic test in ELA and math, which is graded on line, the results are sent back to the school with areas that the students need to work on. Parents will be able to access the Acuity program if they desire.

Questions were posed:

Are the state tests used to compute the subject report card grade? No, the results are usually not received before June.

For the NYS math exam, can 7th graders use their scientific calculators for book 2? Yes.

A parent suggested that a letter go out to parents re: Acuity and how to access it.

Ms. Skoutakis explained that math will be infused into every classroom as has been done with ELA.

State test scores count as 35% towards the school’s report card.


Marta thanked

  • parents who came tonight when the notice stated Thursday the 8th of January.
  • Mrs. Liu for purchasing all the holiday gifts for the staff.
  • Ingrid & Cindy for work on the Fundraising committee.


We have collected approximately $2,500.00. We sold candy at the Fairy Tale Ball: $383.00 was grossed. We only spent $69.00.

A pledge letter will be sent monthly – the idea is that if one month is not good for a family financially, they might be able to send in a donation the next month. It will be translated in various languages by the DOE.

The Winter Concert will be on February 7th. The PTA will be selling refreshments again during the intermission. Marta requested help in purchasing, setting up and selling.

Ingrid informed the membership of a program sponsored by BJ’s wholesale warehouse whereby for every new member application or renewal, BJ’s will give approximately $5-7 to the school. Those enrolling will also receive extra months’ membership. A letter will be sent home to our parents.

Marta asked for a motion to run the BJ’s fundraiser.

One member made the motion; it was seconded, and approved by a majority of the member’s present; no “no’s”; no “abstentions.”

Treasurer’s Report

Maria distributed an updated budget report.

Holiday gifts are gifts to staff that are non-teachers – they received baskets. The cost was $424.00.

Available balance in the checking account is $15,347.85.

Membership Report:

The VP’s were not present – Maria Mo reported the total monies received from the budget report she had submitted.


Cards were sent to Mr. Grapkowitz’s mother and Mr. Kim on the birth of his baby girl.


At the last SLT meeting, Mrs. Choit presented the safety plan to the team, including the evacuation plan. (Students are to go to PS 221 and PS 811). They spoke about incidents of students cutting school and how the administration was handling this.

Mrs. Bogaty talked about the community service club, workshop programs, and the Hip (Helping Involve Parents) program in which teachers who opt in can post scores, homework, and messages on line or by phone.

She will be sending information home regarding all of these programs.

For the first community service club meeting, the group will do a Valentine’s program – with the art teacher – students will be making Valentine’s and candy bags for veterans in hospitals. Another event is Relay for Life, a program through the American Cancer Society – this will take place on 5/31/08 at the Queens Farm from 5pm to 9am the next morning. She would like to form a MS67 team.

Each child that attends must be accompanied by an adult.

Lori Butera, our District Family Representative spoke about 2 events:

District family days – 1/22 @ PS 186. the topic is nutrition & fitness for children . Speaker David Walker from the district will be the guest. There will also be an opportunity for parents to talk with school staff about meals program.

On 2/14 @ PS 178 – a representative from the Queens library system will speak about how kids can use the library for research projects.

Principal’s Report

The Fairy Tale Ball was a huge success – approximately 400 kids attended and many were in costume.

The school is getting refurbished in the following ways: we are getting new windows and 3 new roofs, a new dance studio, air conditioners for the gym, new doors, and new entryway for the building – the design is still underway for the latter. Dance studio will begin construction during the February break and remainder will be completed during the Spring break. The DOE will do the above work over the next 2 summers so as to not interrupt instruction.

A discussion took place regarding the potential publishing of an article in the UFT newspaper that reflected poorly on our administration. Several people spoke on this but eventually a motion was made to table this discussion until the article is published; this was seconded.

Assistant Principals’ Report

All AP’s reported that their students are well prepared for the upcoming ELA test.

Mr. Surrett announced that graduation is scheduled for June 23rd. Round one of the high school results for the specialized high schools come out this month.

Members asked the AP’s to speak about upcoming trips. The 7th grade has a trip to Madame Tussaud’s later in the year and will be going on March 18th to Philadelphia. On that same day the 6th grade is going to Medieval Times. Career day will take place for the 8th grade on that day.

Dance studio will begin construction during the February break and remainder will be completed during the Spring break.

Marta spoke further about Career Day and asked for parents to volunteer to speak to the children as well as to help serve the lunch and breakfast.

She asked for a motion to approve minutes from the last PTA general meeting. A motion was made; seconded; majority approved; none “no’s” and no abstentions.

Our next meeting is March 6th at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Dinegar & Doris Iskaros