PTA Minutes for September 11, 2008

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PTA MS67 General Meeting, September 11, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Bonnie Song at 7:20pm.

Bonnie asked to observe a moment of silence in honor of 9/11.

Bonnie asked for a motion to change the call of order.  The motion was made, seconded and approved.

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McGrath explained that she asked for the change of the call of order to accommodate the new teachers who came to the meeting to be introduced.

She went over the organization of the school.  MS 67 has 962 students:  10-6th grade classes; 10-7th grade classes; 10-8th grade classes; 2-Special Ed. self-contained classes.

There are 53 teachers.

Mrs. McGrath introduced the Assistant Principals:  Mrs. Choit – 6th grade; Mr. Chambers – 7th grade; Mr. Surrett. Mrs. McGrath mentioned that the lunch coordinator for the 6th and 7th grade is Mr. Andacht and for the 8th grade it is Mr. Lupino, who is also the Dean of Students.

If a parent has any questions about their child the most appropriate order of contact would be the student’s teacher first.  If the parent isn’t satisfied the next person to contact would be the grade level Assistant Principal.  If there is still an issue after this the parents should call the Main Office and make an appointment to meet with Mrs. McGrath.

Mrs. McGrath introduced several new members of our staff:  Mr. Black (Math/Science); Mr. Lampoudis (Science); Ms. Tenreiro (ELA); Mr. McCaughey (Social Studies);

Mr. Sweeney (ELA); Mr. Dunbar (ELA.)

Mrs. McGrath introduced the UFT Chapter Chairperson, Mr. Camera (Foreign Language teacher) and Ms. Dolan, our new Literacy Coach as well as the coordinator of the Service League and Yearbook.

Mrs. McGrath reiterated the focus of our school this year– enriching and improving the Literacy program. This will be done by:

  1. adding an extra ELA period for 6th graders.  What is taught during this 7th period each week will be at the discretion of the ELA teacher after they determine the needs of their students.
  2. the 7th grade will continue to have 6 periods of ELA.  There will be an AIS class composed of no more than 8 students.  There will be 6 week cycles at which the students will meet in small groups with various ELA teachers to provide more individualized instruction.
  3. teachers attending Professional Development with the Literacy Coach, Ms. Dolan.

Students will receive 6 periods of Math each week along with an additional AIS period, and 5 periods of Science and Social Studies.  7th and 8th graders will also receive 5 periods of a Foreign Language whereas 6th graders will receive 2-3 periods per week.

For the remaining 10 periods /week the 7th and 8th graders will attend classes for 4 periods/week in the Talent Cycle they chose (Art, Dance, Law, Drama, Band/Orchestra, Robotics, Journalism, Computers, or Chorus.)

The lunchroom is no longer using a cash system.  It is using a POS automated system.  Parents need to set up an account for their children and apply money to the account.  The students use a PIN number in the cafeteria to purchase lunch.

Mrs. McGrath encouraged the parents to continue supporting the PTA and mentioned that the ways in which the school is trying to communicate with the parents includes a phone messaging system that is activated each weekend, e-mail of school notices from our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Bogaty, and paper notices.

Mrs. McGrath mentioned that Back to School night will be on Monday, September 15th at 6:30pm.

Ms. Dolan explained the requirements for Service League.  The Service League is an opportunity for the students to get involved in school and in the community and be recognized for this.  Students received a green form at an assembly in school on 9/10 that explained what the requirements are.

Service must be performed between September and June.  Any service done outside of school will require a letter on letterhead from the organization that includes the student’s name, date of service and a description of the service.  The letter can be pre-written in order to submit the requirements on time.  In late February the students will receive a permanent Service League service card to complete.  They will have another assembly to explain how to complete this form and will be given a month to submit the form to Ms. Dolan in person.  Any late submissions will still give the students credit on their record cards, however, they will not be permitted to participate in the Service League assembly in May.  The service the students do can also count towards Arista.

Clubs that the students can participate in include:  Science Olympiad, Math Team, Chess, Robotics and Sports Teams.
Assistant Principals’ Reports:

Mr. Chambers explained that he is the A.P. for the 7th grade as well as the Math and Social Studies Departments supervisor.

Ms. Choit is our 6th grade principal as well as the supervisor of the ELA and Foreign Language departments as well as the Transportation and Lunch form coordinator.  Ms. Choit explained that they are trying to resolve the heavy book bag situation and informed the parents that the students can leave their textbooks at home.

In regard to student transportation Ms. Choit explained that the DOE has gotten very strict with Metro cards this year and it is the Office of Pupil Transportation that determines which students get yellow buses or Metro Cards.  If a parent has any questions they can call the OPT at 718-392-8855.  If there is a problem with the yellow buses the parents can call Atlantic Express at 718-298-6000.  The OPT is also responsible for routing the yellow buses.  Ms. Choit has filed a complaint on behalf of some of our students and is hoping that it will be resolved soon.  Bus passes will be issued for the yellow buses and a student will not be allowed on a bus without it.

Mrs. Choit also asked parents to complete the lunch forms that were sent home, even if you don’t think you qualify for free or reduced lunch.  A form needs to be on file for every child.

Mr. Surrett is the 8th grade A.P. as well as the Science/Phys. Ed./Special Ed. supervisor.  He offered some important dates for the parents:

9/23 – Parent workshop on High Schools for 8th grade parents at 9am.

9/24 – Parent workshop on High Schools for 7th grade parents at 9am.

As of now there is no date for an evening workshop.

10/25 – Specialized High School exam

10/26 – Specialized High School exam for Sabbath observers

Any forms that are requested by the high schools should be directed to the guidance counselors.

President’s report:

Marta and Bonnie explained that the PTA meeting will always try to provide info about our school for our parents.

They introduced the 2008-2009 PTA Executive Board, and parent members of the SLT.

The next SLT meeting will be on 9/23 at 3:30.  All are welcome to observe.

Bonnie and Marta explained that there were sign up sheets for parents to volunteer for the various events this year such as:

  1. Newsletter
  2. School Photos
  3. Book Fair
  4. Career Day
  5. Teacher Appreciation Day
  6. Selling refreshments at school events


It was explained that a pledge letter will be going out in October and this is our most important fundraiser.  The PTA doesn’t sponsor candy sales, school photos, etc. but the money that is raised supports our school and children.

Helena Lombardi agreed to oversee the Box Tops program.

Treasurer’s Report

Maria Mo showed the approved budget to the membership and explained that money has been spent to purchase the school planners for our children.

Marta asked for a parent to volunteer for the Sunshine Committee.  There is a sign-up sheet for that role in the lobby.


Jenny Cho explained that the membership letter went home and asked parent to voluntarily send in dues.  The suggested donation is $30/family.

Parent Coordinator

Mrs. Bogaty asked parents to send their e-mails to her in order to be put on the e-mailing list.  This list is used to send copies of notices that the students receive.  Her address is

Other important e-mail addresses are:

Parents can also reach these persons by phone.

Marta asked if anyone had any New or Old Business to discuss.  Since no one offered anything for discussion she adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted.
Doris Iskaros

Recording Secretary