PTA Minutes for Nov. 13, 2008

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PTA General Membership Meeting, November 13, 2008

Bonnie Song opened meeting at 7:25 pm

of last meeting were accepted with the following correction –

  In the bylaws, the VP of Fundraising is
revised from 2 to 3 people


Guest Speakers Officers Heffernan and Schmidt from
the local precinct spoke on graffiti

 Graffiti is defined as writing on a public

“Tagging” is
writing a nickname

between tagging and smoking marijuana

Tagging usually
begins in 6th grade

twofold – watch out for the purchase of spray paint and use of a previously
unknown nickname

Laws exist
against the youth purchase of spray paint

Remove graffiti
immediately as a deterrent

Liability for

Marta noted an
increase in neighborhood graffiti

Presidents’ Report

PTA room inside
the guidance office with file cabinets, safe, papers. . .

Executive Board
meets in this room

Bonnie noted
FYIs on agenda  and dates of future


Principals’ Report

 Mr. Surrett,  8th Grade Assistant Principal

High school
applications due 12/2 but accepted early so that they may be reviewed upon

Washington D.C.  Senior Trip
will have an assembly kick-off (students who don’t go have regular school days)

No incidents on
this particular trip in the past 5 years

Mr. Balija and
Mr. Lampoutis responsible for Science Olympiad

Champs Sports
Program currently consists of flag football and basketball  (Latecomers can speak with Mr. Williams)


Mr. Chambers, 7th Grade Assistant

 Parents can access information about  students’ math assessment for NYS standards

Mr. Boyt
responsible for Math Team (1st in Bronx Invitational and 4th
in NYS for the 8th Grade)

Teachers attend
a differentiated math workshop once a month.

Ms. Choit, 6th Grade Assistant Principal

Trip to Wintuk
on 11/14 (300+ with 14= staff attending)

assessment for ELA will be available early December

Book Fair is
12/1 – 12/8 (volunteers needed and signup sheet distributed)

PTA ELA Workshop
on 1/8 at 9am and 11am

ELA Open
House  for students on 1/10 and 1/17 (
8-10am and 10am – noon)

 Teachers will review exam with students

Mrs. McGrath, Principal

Champs Sports Program in fall and spring (spring will be tennis and

Report cards distributed today

    Inaugural Dance for S.O. on
11/24 from 3 – 5:30pm

Open School Week – visit classrooms in action

Safety Workshop on 11/25 at 9am and on 12/4 at 7:00pm

Creating Good Writers Workshop on 12/12 at 9:00am

Budget cuts create a $93,830 loss for school

All programs to be cut except Champs (production of Wiz suspended,
basketball games impacted,  Math Olympiad
affected. . .)

$200,000+ cuts projected for school next year

                 Student Organization is for members only
and future events are dances and movie

                  Problems with phone call system
possibly due to “cable” –someone to address issue soon

                  Bonnie suggested a website for parent

                  Marta pointed out low parental support
for prevention of budget cuts (more petitions, letters to legislators, rallies.
. .)

Bonnie mentioned that 10 years ago there were 37+ kids in each class and
that 4 or 5 teachers will be let go next year if proposed budget cuts happen,
resulting in larger class size

Treasurer’s Report

  Maria noted that since 10/17 there has been 1
deposit of $620

She also mentioned that 3  checks were
written (1 to Presidents’ Council, one for reimbursement of refreshments and
one was a check printing fee)

Account balance was $9096.73 and there was $870 more in membership dues

Parent Handbook replaces  “newsletter”
line in budget (motion passed)


School Leadership Team

Greg Mitchell noted that there was a revision of bylaws – a DC 37 person was
added (if he/she wished to attend)

Bathroom issue was discussed – “emergencies” are allowed to use the facilities


Safety Committee

to Arlene, Mr. Lupino noted that there was an improvement in behavior and tone
in school due to the restriction of bathroom in the first and eighth periods

Halloween, there was “rapid dismissal” which was a Fire Drill (students were
dismissed 10 minutes early)



Yoon stated that reminders of pledge letter received additional money

mentioned that the pledge letter is key fundraiser for P.T.A.


submitted by

Berkowitz and Doris Iskaros