2009 – 2010 PTA Welcome Letter!

September 9, 2009

Dear Parents & Staff:

Welcome back!  We hope that your summer has been safe & enjoyable!  As another exciting school year begins we are faced with many challenges.  This year, our school budget cuts are worse than ever.  As partners of MS 67, we need your time, your energy, your input, and most of all your financial support.  PTA funds are used to enhance your child’s school experience.

Throughout the school year, your children will be involved in a number of scheduled school events where your help is necessary and very much appreciated.  Events such as Photo Day, Book Fair, Career Day ( as guest speakers & volunteers) and the ARISTA Induction Ceremony, to name a few.  There are PTA functions that also need your time and energy such as Teacher Appreciation Day, our monthly meetings, and our essential fundraisers.  More information to follow.

In addition, your involvement and input are extremely important to your children’s education.  Parental participation in the School Leadership Team (SLT), the School Safety Committee, and our monthly PTA meetings are a perfect opportunity for parents to get to know each other, share information and be made aware of all essential school information by our Principal, Mrs. Zoi McGrath and the Assistant Principals.  Come share your ideas to make our great school, even better!

Our fundraisers supply a small amount of much needed funds for MS 67!  We invite you to partner with us and support our school and PTA activities and events such as our Membership Drive, Fundraising Pledge Drive, school photos and dances.  Your continuous and generous contributions will help make your child’s time at MS 67 a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

We hope the student planner provided by the PTA, will assist each student in meeting many of their academic challenges and achieving their goals for this school year.

Our first PTA Meeting will be held on September 17, 2009 at 7:00 PM in the school auditorium.

Join us and learn important information about the new school year!

Meet new parents and staff!

Please visit us at MS 67 PTA website and we hope to see you at ALL of our PTA meetings!

Ingrid Guapisaca and Bonnie Song
PTA Co-Presidents