October 2009 Revisions to the By-Laws

October 5, 2009

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of M.S. 67 is pleased to announce that we are continuing our efforts in keeping our by-laws updated and revised as the Chancellor issues new regulations and as the PTA organization as a whole continues to improve.

The by-laws are essentially the rules and regulations that help to govern the actions of the PTA.  The PTA takes these by-laws very seriously and is mandated to review and revise them every three years.  Many of the changes are mandated by the Chancellor and must be included in the revision.  Other changes are being incorporated to codify the actual practices of the PTA.

As always, the PTA’s first and foremost concern is the children of M.S. 67.  The revisions are a vehicle for making sure that the PTA continues to carry out its missions and mandates for the children and the M.S. 67 community.  .

This year we are essentially adopting the Chancellor Regulation (A-660) with Amendments as a whole as mandated by law.  We have no choice but to include all the provisions dictated in the regulations into our by-laws.  However, we are happy to report that the mandates are already included in M.S. 67’s current by-laws.  There is only one exception that appears in an Attachment to the Regulations that we must add, and that is one on Quorum.

Allow us to elaborate, the Chancellor is now mandating that before any expenditure of funds or other business, which is required under the by-laws to be brought before the entire PTA, a particular quorum must be met.

This quorum must “consist of representation by at least the president, three other executive board members and at least ten parent members at large.  In the absence of a quorum, a PA cannot authorize the expenditure of funds or conduct other business.This means that your participation at our PTA meetings is even more critical than before for the PTA to function properly.

Critical expenditures of funds and decisions are made at the PTA meetings that may now be hindered and not benefit our children right away if we do not meet the quorum requirements.  Please make it your business to attend the PTA meetings regularly.

The only other change that must be brought to your attention is the addition of a NEW position to the Executive Board.  We would like to add to Section 3, particularly clause 3.9 Financial Secretary:

  • The responsibilities will be to collect, count and deposit all the funds received from all the Chairpersons and issue receipts; EEnsure that each department Chairperson(s) maintain a financial summary;
  • Reconcile the financial summary of each department to the Treasurer’s report for the January and June reports;
  • Assist the Treasurer in maintaining the books and records of the PTA;
  • The financial Secretary works with and under the supervision of the Treasurer.
  • In Treasurer’s absence, prepare and communicate the Treasurer’s report to the PTA meeting.

Should anyone like to review the by-laws of the PTA, they are more than welcome to do so by reviewing it online. Your input is requested and welcomed! Please send your comments to the PTA by Wednesday, OCTOBER 14, 2009, Attn: Bylaws

A vote to officially amend the bylaws accordingly will be held at our next PTA general membership meeting on Thursday, OCTOBER 15, 2009 at 7:00 P.M.

It is critical that we vote on these amendments to our by-laws at our next PTA meeting, so please attend.  This way we can always remain in full compliance with our by-laws.

Thank you in advance for you time and attention!

Alessandra McNally

MS 67 By-Laws Committee Chair