PTA Executive Board Expedited Election Candidates Sought

An expedited election will take place at the next PTA General Membership Meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 8 p.m.

The specific open positions are:

  • Co-VP Fundraising (1)
  • Co-VP Membership (1)
  • Co-Corresponding Secretary (1)
  • Financial Secretary (1)

Candidates must be a parent/legal guardian of a child attending MS 67 during the school year (2009-2010) and may not be employed by MS 67. We encourage any interested parents to run for these positions. No qualifications are needed. You are also encouraged to nominate other parents who you think would make an effective member of the MS 67 PTA Executive Board. Nominations and the election will take place at this general membership meeting at which time parents can also self nominate or be nominated from the floor.

Vice President-Fundraising: Shall oversee and coordinate all Fundraising events. To perform the duties of  the President in his/her absence. To act as liaison between committees, President and school administration with respect to fundraising issues/activities.

Vice-President-Membership: Shall coordinate annual membership drive and collect membership donations. To perform duties of Vice-President Fundraising in event of his/her absence. To coordinate flyers and envelopes of membership drive. To keep accurate records of all donations. Shall turn over money to Treasurer and receive a receipt.

Corresponding Secretary: Shall conduct all correspondence of the Association. To notify members of meeting dates, no less than 7 days prior to meeting. To compile a list of Executive Board members and distribute list to those members. To set up communication chain among Executive Board members to be used in case of emergency. To perform such other secretarial duties as may be delegated to this officer.

Financial Secretary:  to collect, count and deposit all the funds received from all the Chairpersons and issue receipts; Ensure that each department Chairperson(s) maintain a financial summary; Reconcile the financial summary of each department to the Treasurer’s report for the January and June reports; Assist the Treasurer in maintaining the books and records of the PTA; The financial Secretary works with and under the supervision of the Treasurer.