PTA Minutes for November 19, 2009

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


PTA Reports:

  • Co-Presidents:
    • Thanks to the volunteers at International Festival Night, and to Mr. Peter Maddaloni, our Custodian Engineer & his Custodial Staff for the room direction in the building.
    • SO Dance – TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22 @ Gym –Volunteers Needed @ 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
    • Volunteers Needed – Book Fair Friday, December 4 (set up) ——-  Friday, December 11 (library)

  • VP-Fundraiser –Marta Agosti , Helen  Anagnostos & Helen Pylarinos:
    • A pledge letter will be sent home soon. Our goal is to collect $4000. With the successful ice skating night in October we earned $1047 towards this goal. Thanks to all who came, and the night was enjoyable despite some problems with having enough ice skates and admission tickets, but these problems will be resolved for the next time.
    • MS 67 will be the 1st school to offer the course Defensive Driving on line, and it will earn $8.00 for the PTA per enrollment. It’s a win-win choice, since not only is your car insurance reduced, but the online courses are ONLY 45 minutes long. Details on how to sign up will follow. Remember that if you take this course, you avoid having your license revoked if you lose 12 points, a privilege lasting up to 3 years. A motion was approved to proceed with the Louis Pasteur MS67 Q PTA Defensive Driving online with NYS Dept of Motor Vehicles.
    • Candy sale is to take place on Jan 12th at lunch time in the cafeteria. Candy is permitted to be sold by the PTA once per year (before 6pm). Healthy alternatives will also be provided. Volunteers are needed for the 3 lunch periods.
  • Treasurer–Aileen Zhong on behalf of Cindy Yoon:
    • $10571 funds available as of today 11/19/09.
    • More membership dues received and the ice skating event were major fund contributors.
    • $4500 is proposed for school clubs.
    • A $550 gift will be made for a Holiday Cheer breakfast to the school staff.
  • School Leadership Team – Suzanne Berkowitz on last week’s meeting:
    • Budget discussed regarding increase in school register which enabled increased financial support so that after school clubs could begin.
    • Ms. McGrath gave an overview on the International Festival.
    • The chancellor’s regulations on uniform policy were explored.
  • School Safety Committee –Ingrid Guapisaca:
    • They met with Ms. Choit and Mr. Lupino on the mold issue. Pictures were sent and the situation is currently waiting for a reply from the Board of Ed.

Guest Speakers:

  • Safety –Mr. Frank Lupino, Dean:
    • There are monthly school safety meetings with Ms. Choit.
    • Sometimes good kids end up on a superintendent suspension lasting up to 30 days.
    • Citywide safety standards have been issued at the beginning of the school year. The following are causes for suspension:
      • Possession of knives or artificial guns- there is no other recourse but superintendent suspension and possible arrest.
      • No cigarette lighters allowed, no stink bombs (can be purchased from ice cream truck).
      • Knowingly possessing an item which does not belong to you.
      • In general, kids need to be more careful. Even pen lights can damage retinas.
  • MS 67 Clubs – Mr. Zachary Boyt:

These clubs build confidence, enforce friendships and could be a gateway to careers.

    • Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Math Team, Chess Team, Drama, Art Portfolio & Science Olympiad
    • Math Team: Currently about 26 students in 6th and 7th and 13 for 8th. We won the 6th grade regional in math league for 2007, 2008 champions of Bronx invitational tournament, 2009 we are 2nd. This year we have a chance to win the state competition and possibly go to New Orleans. It involves outside the box math that are intellectually challenging and stimulating. It runs until 3:50 pm.
    • Chess Team: now 25 members. We twice finished 2nd in open tournaments, losing only to Bayside HS in the last tournament. It runs until 4:20pm.
    • Two science teachers lead the science Olympiad.
    • Volleyball, basketball and softball by Mr. Williams and others.
    • There will be tennis in the spring in the place of basketball. We won citywide cups 3 years in a row.

Reports from the School Administration:

  • Ms. Zoi McGrath, Principal:
    • The Holiday dance is during periods 2 and 3 so that all students may participate in the holiday spirit.
    • 8th grade pictures will be this Tuesday period 3. Pictures of each class year are posted, and an electronic version will be made available.
    • After Dec 23rd, no changes may be made to 8th grade HS choices. Changes are possible until then.
    • The International Arts Festival was similar to a Renaissance. There was sharing and celebrating the diversity of the 33 ethnicities in this school. It was well-received, with 48/50 teachers participating, and over 53 parents volunteering their help. 38 families donated money towards the food. Other people were involved in the fashion show and generously donated their time in the organization of the event. Everyone was happy to be there and wonderful memories were created.
    • A check for $4500 was presented to Ms. McGrath for after school clubs which she graciously accepted.
  • Ms. Barbara Choit, 6th Grade Assistant Principal:
    • 6th grade SO movie Pixar “Up” Nov. 24th.
    • Annual book fair Dec 11-24th all proceeds will go to buy additional books for the library. The library has been completely updated and renovated, with a new floor, tables, chairs, and reading area.
    • The holiday cheer dance will be Tues Dec 22nd periods 7 and 8.
    • Hunter HS exam Jan 8th at Hunter HS for invited students.
    • ELA reading workshop Friday Dec 4th 8:30am where Ms. Dolan will discuss reading techniques to ensure success.
    • There will be an upcoming ELA writing workshop in November, also 8:30am on Jan 14th.
    • Jan 14th, next PTA meeting with combined reading and writing workshop by Ms. Dolan
  • Mr. Robert Chambers, 7th Grade Assistant Principal:
    • 7th grade SO movie Wed Nov 25th Pixar “Up”.
    • Holiday Fair December 22nd periods 5 and 6.
    • Interim report cards will be distributed Dec 14th for all students.
    • There will be 2 trips for the 7th grade later on in the year.
  • Mr. Jeffrey Surrett, 8th Grade Assistant Principal:
    • Group picture will be taken of entire 8th grade this coming Tuesday Nov 24th. You will be able to purchase related items such as key chains with the picture on it.
    • Makeup this Sunday for SSHT test. Results will come approximately the 1st week of February.
    • “Race to Witch Mountain” is being considered for 8th grade SO movie Wed Nov 25th.
    • Holiday cheer dance pds 2 and 3 on Dec 22nd, open to all students.
    • HS applications due tomorrow Nov. 20th.
  • Ms. Rhonda Bogaty, Parent Coordinator :
    • You can still go to IS25 on Dec 12th and 13th to request the H1N1 vaccine or the influenza virus vaccine.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Respectfully submitted by,

Darlene Ritchie

Co-Recording Secretary

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