PTA Minutes for October 15, 2009

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meeting time: 7:15 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                 Meeting place: MS 67 Chorus Rm. 116

PTA Reports – Co-Presidents Report

  • PTA Website: Ralph Iskaros, a past parent, is the webmaster.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • VOLUNTEER’S NEEDED: International Festival Night –Tuesday, November 10, 2009
    • SO Dance – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 @ Gym –Volunteers Needed @ 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    • Andrew Stergiopoulos Rink Ice skating Event in Great Neck: October 23rd.
    • OPEN SCHOOL WEEK – Monday, November 16 – Friday, November 20

(parents welcome to observe their child’s class)

  • PARENT-TEACHER’S CONFERENCE – Monday, November 16 (evening)
  • PARENT-TEACHER’S CONFERENCE – Tuesday, November 17(afternoon)
  • REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION –Thursday, November 12
  • HALF DISMISSAL – Tuesday, November 17 @ 11:40 A.M.
    • President Council District 26 Meeting –Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ MS 67 @ 10:30 a.m. (BYLAW Training)
    • Please sign up to help out for career fair, S.O. dances and other future events
      • As of the meeting, there is $10,745.20 in funds available.
      • 14 cases of copy paper purchased @ $328.86 & donated to the school ($1,000.00)
      • Thanks to all of the parents for paper donations.
      • $2000 was given to our Principal, Ms. McGrath as a PTA school gift per approved budget
      • Additional regulations have been established by the chancellor. There is a quorum of 4 members for the executive board and 10 parents.
      • New PTA positions have been added including a financial secretary who will be assistant to the treasurer (see the September meeting minutes)
      • A motion to amend the bylaws was passed.
      • Expedited Election –Nomination & Election
  • VP-Membership –Laura Cocchiarella: There were $7540 in membership dues received.
  • VP-Fundraiser –Marta Agosti & Helen Pylarinos: Iceskating PTA fundraiser
  • Treasurer–Cindy Yoon
  • MS 67 PTA Bylaw Amendment -Alessandra McNally, Bylaw Chair:

New VP Membership: Marlene Gallagher

New Financial Secretary: Aileen Zhong, former accountant

New Co Corresponding Secretary: Maureen Salloum

New VP Fundraiser: Helen Anagnostos

  • School Leadership Team Update – Suzanne Berkowitz
  • The student portfolios and homework policy were revisited.
  • School Safety Committee: Rooms B15 and B16 have leaks which are creating an odor in the sub-basement areas surrounding the music and drama rooms. The school construction authority was already notified months ago and again this past August but nothing has been done so far. The odor is usually slight but is very noticeable after heavy rains. A suggestion was made to send a letter from the Community District Educational Council. A copy of a PTA letter will be sent to the custodian

Guest Speakers

  • Service League – Ms. Brenda Dolan (speaking on behalf of Ms. Tessie Skoutakis)
    • Service credits needed for Arista membership, although they can be accumulated without being in the service league.
    • Students are given the opportunity to do service before school (8am), during lunch, and after school. Or they may skip a talent once per week (except 6th graders).
    • They earn points and credits to receive a small award at end of the school year.
    • Three credits needed to participate in the ceremony.
    • Parents should have children hand in release forms (gold form)in a timely manner.
    • Service can also be done from Sep thru June for outside community service (even in June, after the ceremony); the green form specifies how many hours of outside service.
    • The White service league card has been handed out in February.
    • April 9th is service league assembly.
    • It’s your child’s job to seek out service, don’t wait for teachers to ask- be proactive in asking.
    • Note: SPARKS program was cut due to budget, however some of the activities associated with school fundraisers can still be used to get credits.
  • Self Sustaining Programs – Mr. Henry Schandel
    • After school activities that the students can sign up for are volleyball (2 classes), basketball, film, chocolate-making (2 classes), and others.
    • Academic activities: preparation for standardized tests such as Hunter HS test prep for 6th graders, 7th graders going on to 8th grade to prep for Specialized Highs school exam in the Spring, ELA and Math test prep for state exams which will begin in February since state exams will be in April.
    • These academic classes are complements to what is being done at school.
    • Regents reviews for 8th graders taking integrated algebra and earth science- these are 3 hour exams
    • $100 for each class (down from $125 last year)
    • Classes granted 1st come first serve- classes do fill up- second classes will be open if demand is present- min 10 students needed to sustain a class.
  • Principal’s Address– Ms. Zoi McGrath, Principal
  • M.S.67 #1 in city, #17 in state- see Sep meeting minutes
  • Building: There is a strong odor after raining. Parents need to contact the school construction authority. Board of Ed authorities were already notified, again this past summer, and Mr. Faustman was here. A motion was approved for the PTA to create a letter on behalf of the PTA membership to address the leak and odor in the sub-basement rooms. Students have to breathe in bad air, so the B15 classes have been moved to B17, whereas B16 is used by the Drama class. Custodians have already taken pictures. The school safety committee meets next on Oct. 21 and will discuss this issue, anyone can join- call Barbara Choit x2241 for more info.
  • International Festival of the Arts: Help needed: individual differences lead to a common strength: we have 33 ethnicities in this building from almost every continent on the globe. Dancing, singing, musical compositions, fashion show, teachers and students dressing up in their ethnic costumes, food. Especially FOOD needed- please return your form by Oct. 27th. Your participation important. If you have an ethnic costume please let your teacher know.
  • Portfolio initiative: folders can be viewed at any time by parents by appointment with the ELA/Math teachers, and will be sent home at the end of the year. Their purpose is self-assessment, and performance on standardized tests is expected to improve.
  • Clubs: Very optimistic that at the end of October all clubs will begin.

Ms. Barbara Choit, 6th Grade Assistant Principal,

  • Hunter H.S. min 734 math, 712 ELA in 5th grade to be eligible for invitation- see September meeting minutes- Nov. 19th exam- ongoing test prep in self-sustaining program
  • ELA quarterly Oct 19th, S.S. quarterly Oct. 23rd
  • Need lunch forms from every child whether or not child gets free or reduced lunch
  • Today health form sent out- DOE needs to know whether or not your child has health insurance
  • S.O. inauguration tomorrow morning- assembly attire required.
  • S.O. Dance 3-5:30 free for all SO members or $10, food will be available for purchase.
  • Reminder free breakfast served 7:40am both cold and hot, until 7:55 am- yellow school buses do not arrive in time for breakfast.
  • Reminder lunch cooked at school- variety of foods offered- children should eat all parts of the meal, salad bar included.
  • Mr. Robert Chambers, 7th Grade Assistant Principal
    • Math quarterly Wed Oct 21st, another smart board coming in + new Dell PCs, new report card format, interim progress reports sent out already, Nov. 12th report cards will be distributed
    • Mr. Jeffrey Surrett, 8th Grade Assistant Principal
      • Science quart Thurs Oct 22nd, Specialized H.S. applications have been sent out to all students, exam Nov. 7th, 14th and Nov. 15 for  Sabbath observers,
      • TACHS test Nov. 14th
      • Borough fair Francis Lewis H. S.  Oct. 25th
      • Admission ticket for SHSAT  Oct. 30th will be distributed
      • H.S. applications due back on Nov. 19th
      • Contact Mr. Armstrong the guidance counselor for questions
      • 8th grade trip- first installment money due as soon as possible
      • Ms. Rhonda Bogaty, Parent Coordinator
        • Pictures: should have been sent home by today, along with ID cards, don’t cut out pictures just send back, it’s still not too late to pay for pictures
        • Emails have gone out: if you did not receive school notices by email yet then please send an email to to verify your email address.
        • Lunch forms can also be done online if you have not done them yet- they must be filled out- DOE evaluates school attendance based on these.
        • Open school week Nov 16th-21st- everyone welcome
        • Immunization deadline- eventually child will not be allowed back in school if not immunized.
        • H1N1 virus consent forms will be sent home- children will be advised to get free vaccinations with the form on the weekends.
        • Parent-teacher’s conference: parents go to child’s classroom teachers and sign in- if you are not present at the time your name is called, after 4 times absent you will be sent to bottom of the list

Respectfully submitted by,

Darlene Ritchie

Co-Recording Secretary

Coming Up

Next GENERAL MEMBERSHIP Meetings 7 p.m.–9 p.m.:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Next SLT-SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAM Meetings 3:30 p.m. -5:30 p.m. Rm. 301

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Next SAFETY COMMITTEE MEETING @ 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Room 224A

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 F ALL Dates Subject to Change