PTA Minutes for September 17, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009 @  7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  1. 1. Co-President’s Welcome message and Introduction of the PTA Executive Board
    1. Co-Presidents: Ingrid Guapisaca and Bonnie Song
    2. Treasurer: Cindy Yoon
    3. Co-Recording Secretaries: Suzanne Berkowitz and Darlene Ritchie
    4. Corresponding Secretary: Karen Dinegar
    5. Co-VP fundraising: Marta Agosti and Helen Pylarinos
    6. Co-VP Membership: Larua Cocchiarella
    7. SLT members: Marta Agosti, Suzanne Berkowitz, Karen Dinegar, Ingrid Guapisaca, Gregory Mitchel, Bonnie Song & Spencer Wu.

There are volunteer sheets to sign up for helping out any of the PTA committees, such as fundraising or sunshine.

Proposal, Bylaw Revision: A financial secretary position will be added to the PTA bylaws. By a new chancellor mandate A-660, the quorum number has to be amended at the next PTA (October) meeting

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Yoon
    1. As of the date of the meeting, there was a total of $6616.32, with $3284.48 in balance carried over from the previous 2008-9 school year budget. Of the total amount, $2950 was collected in this year’s membership drive, and $301 came from magnet sales.
    2. A proposal was made to give $1000 to the school for purchase of badly needed copy paper. This expense will be defrayed from the previous year carryover. Motion seconded and passed.
  1. Principal’s Address – Ms. Zoi P. McGrath
    1. Class Size: This year there is an average of 31 students per class, with 5 classes of 33.
  1. Budget Cuts: There are tremendous budget cuts this year, as MS67 lost $850,000. The federal emergency act replaced $650,000 for this year, but next year remains uncertain. The impact is that there will be no after school clubs this year, although this may change. Since over $50,000 in per diem absence money has been lost, in which normally $100,000 is spent, by the spring kids will have to split up into different classes when teachers are absent. Non-absent teachers will experience an excess of 6 to 8 children per classroom above their average of 31. Funds may turn up later in the year.
  1. Building Renovations: New windows were put in this past summer, taking two summers to complete. New roofing has been completed. The main entry has been beautified, and new front doors will be in place shortly. The building appearance is part of the school report card.
  1. School Ranking: MS 67 is #1 in the CITY, #17 in the entire state. Since it is in part based on surveys, please remember to fill out your parent survey when you receive it. The school report card is made up of three main components- the learning environment survey, the performance component, and the progress component, where MS 67 scored 10, 22/25, and 55/60 respectively. On the total school grade we scored a resounding A, thanks to the Math and Literacy coaches, and an exceptional team of teachers, obtaining 88 points above the 68 needed to score it.

  1. 4. Introductions of School Officials
    1. UFT Chapter Chair: Ms. Isabelle Simos, the 6th and 7th grade Social Studies teacher
  1. Parent Coordinator: Ms. Rhonda Bogaty – – (718) 423-8138 Ext 8. You can ask her or email her any questions you have about the school. She is around even during after school hours. Parent workshops are organized once per month pertaining to the school environment, such as the recent ELA workshop. A pin number is now needed for the lunch room. Absolutely no money is accepted except at the vending machines.
  1. Literacy Coach: Ms. Brenda Dolan – She has begun a humungous undertaking to raise student performance from high 3’s to 4’s, through the use of portfolios. Independent reading books will be tracked weekly in their portfolios, and students will do self-assessment which will help them learn to make goals, and will be choosing their books from a list which they can take anywhere with them. Parents should encourage their children to read one book per week on their level. The books they read will be recorded in their portfolios which will last their entire 3 years of middle school. Normally they will be carrying around two books at any time- a current book and a favorite old book or their next book. Teachers in the ELA department meet weekly. To help in organization, they have been asked to keep 5-subject notebooks this year.
  1. Math Coach: Ms. Christina Mavromihalis – Last year every grade across MS 67 scored a 99 on the math state test. First there is a pre-assessment, then several post-assessments and teacher-generated units. Twice during the school year they will do a practice state exam. The acuity online assessments will be used throughout the year for student self-assessments. Math teachers also meet weekly and monitor their pace, sharing best practices.
  1. 6th grade Assistant Principal: Ms. Barbara Choit – She is also in charge of Social Studies, ELA and other departments. Kids are now well-adjusted and it seems they’ve been here forever. All textbooks have been given out- please have your children keep them at home since there is a copy of all textbooks at school. The summer reading exam has been scheduled for 9/23 for all grades. (New textbooks have been ordered for 7th and 8th grades). January 8th is the Hunter High School exam at Hunter High School. In order to be eligible for this exam, your child had to have scored a minimum of 712 in ELA and 734 in Math in 5th grade. Children who meet these requirements will receive letters in the mail on December 5th with invitations. Please send in your lunch forms since the school’s total attendance and therefore funding is based on the number of forms received.
  1. 7th grade Assistant Principal: Mr. Robert Chambers Ext. 3241 – He is also in charge of the Math and Technology Departments. There are now 6 SMART boards in the building, so that 3-4 teachers can share one. The new report cards will be created electronically from now on so the format will be changing
  1. 8th grade Assistant Principal: Mr. Jeffrey Surrett – He is also the Science, Physical Education and Special Ed Supervisor. Ninth grade is coming up so there is a meeting on October 1st at 6:30 pm in the HS auditorium on high schools. The special high school entrance test is November 7th, or November 8th for Sabbath observers, with November 14th and 15th for extended times. High school manuals have been handed out already but if you like he may have an extra copy, and you can always find it online. There will be several 8th grade senior trips. On October 2nd there will be the annual Washington DC trip kickoff. On September 29th there will be cap, gown and ring measurements.
  1. PTA Meetings: The December, February and June PTA meetings have been cancelled. Motion seconded & passed. The next meeting is on Thursday October 15th. Motion to accept the May 2009 minutes seconded and passed.
  1. International Festival: There will be an international festival. Food donations are needed representing different countries. Please fill out and return the associated form by October 8th.

Q & A by Mrs. McGrath

Meeting Adjourned @

Respectfully submitted by,

Darlene Ritchie

Co-Recording Secretary