PTA Minutes October 25, 2012

General Membership Meeting

October 25, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:17 PM.


A motion to approve minutes was made by Denice Racan and was seconded by Karin Gerbavskts.  Motion was passed by membership.


Parent Workshop – “Navigating the HIgh School Process” was presented by Mr. Surrett.  The Specialized High School Test will take place on October 27 and 28.  Students with special needs will take the test on November 3 and students who observe the Sabbath or who missed the October test will take the test on November 18.  First collection date for High School applications is on November 14 and the last day to hand in applications is on December 3.


Co-President’s Report:

December 21 will be a Professional Development Day – no school for students, only teachers will be in attendance.  A motion to approve this day off for students was made by Anna Cucchiara and was seconded by Jerry Paretta.  Motion passed by vote from membership.


Parent volunteers are needed for the the SO Dance on October 26, Picture Day on November 2 and November 16, and the Book Fair from November 27 to November 30.  There will be a Thanksgiving Dessert Sale.



Donna Randazzo stated as of today, $5,525.00 has been collected.  The goal is $9,500.00.



Nominations are needed for VP-Fundraiser. Ice Skating Night raised $1,055.00.


Treasurer’s Report:

Ruth Harrigan stated that Membership Drive is under way.  Everything is on target.


School Leadership Team:

MS 67 received a “B” on its Progress Report.  Greg Mitchell said that the SLT discussed ways that MS 67 can get an “A”.  They discussed how to improve and reach out to more parents.  Many parents did not hand in the survey and that affected the grade.


School Safety Committee:

A Safety Plan has been approved and will consist of fire drills, shelter-in drills, and soft lockdown drills.



Principal’s Report:

MS 67 is considered an underutilized school by 150 seats.  Currently, there are 986 students but the school’s capacity is for 1,100 students.  A District 75 program can come in and use the space.  An emergency meeting will be held with the SLT next week because the deadline to respond the the Office of Portfolio is November 9.


Grade Reports:

6th Grade – Ms. Choit:

October 26 – SO Installation.  SO Dance will be held from 3 – 5 PM.  It is free for SO members and $10.00 for non-members.

November 2 – Hunter High School application due online.

November 15 – Spelling Bee

November 27 to 30 – Book Fair


7th Grade – Mr. Schandel:

November 5 – ELA and Math Parent Workshop on “Shifts in Core”

November 15 – 1st Quarter Report Cards

November 19 – Open School Week

November 20 – Parent-Teacher Conferences – 1/2 Day


8th Grade – Mr. Surrett:

November 2 – 1st Quarter ends

November 6 – Election Day – no school for students

November 12 – Veteran’s Day – no school

November 22 and 23 – Thanksgiving break – no school


Parent Coordinator – Ms. Bogaty:

November 5 – Common Core workshop

November 2 – Photo Day for 8th Grade

November 16 – Photo Day for all grades

“Shadow Days” for public high schools is not counted as an absence and uses “Code 82”, however, private school visits count as an absence.



There was nothing to report.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Eleana Kokotos