PTA Minutes November 29, 2012

PTA Of MS 67

General Membership Meeting

November 29, 2012


Meeting was called to order at 7:15 P.M.  Minutes of the October meeting were approved by the membership.


President’s report:  Jerry was sorry to report  that, due to family and job commitments, Anna Cucchiara decided to step down as co-president of the PTA.  Jerry expressed appreciation and thanks to her for all her help.


Friday, December 21, 2012, originally scheduled as a professional development day for teachers, will now be a make up school day for lost instruction due to Hurricane Sandy.

The membership voted for the PTA to make a contribution of $150 to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC in support of Hurricane Sandy Relief.  The president encouraged membership donations to this fund as well as other recognized charities in this vital relief effort.


The sidewalk ramp that leads to the cafeteria was uprooted by falling trees as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  This condition is a safety hazard.  The president  asked the membership to send emails to Mr. Thomas Keaney at about the necessity of getting sidewalk repaired.


Membership:   Donna Randazzo stated that membership drive is going well and has raised $6,350.  Goal is $9,500.


Fundraising:  Thanks to all parents who have helped with recent fundraisers; ice skating, pie sale, book fair, S. O. Dance and picture day.  Pie sale raised $300.


Treasurer:  Ruth Harrigan was unable to make the meeting.  Financial statements through November 2012 were distributed to the membership.  Treasurer’s report will be given next meeting.


School Leadership Team:   The topic of discussion was NYC  Department of Education underutilization of school building based upon enrollment capacity.  DOE could force us to give up space for other DOE uses.  Mrs. McGrath is working very hard to provide evidence of room modifications that define their specific use, eg. dance studio, computer lab, and science lab.  The existing plans of school building should be modified and updated to reflect changes.


Safety Committee:   The existing school safety plan was approved by the NYPD.  This plan contains procedures for both hard and soft lockdowns, fire drills, emergency evacuations and CPR training.   Teachers are furnished with safety manuals.


Parent Workshop – Common Core State Standards:  Both Mrs. Choit and Mr. Schandel thoroughly presented the common core aligned aspects of education reform as they pertain to ELA and math respectively.  Included was a power point presentation and thorough discussion that described the DOE standard of shifts to be implemented in both ELA and math.


Principal’s Report:   Mrs. McGrath encouraged parents to familiarize themselves about common core curricula so they can better understand what their children are learning.  Specifically, Mrs. McGrath suggested parents utilize a very important website for more information on selecting  reading material for their children: Library.


Two very important points were stressed:  1) Children should read informational text 1½ years over their level , and 2) Children need to know their math facts.


Mrs. Choit:  Holiday Dance to be held on Dec. 20th.

Jan. 11th Hunter Exam

Quarterlies:  Jan. 14th Foreign Language, Jan. 15th Social Studies and Jan. 16th ELA.


Mr. Schanel:  Interim Progress Reports to be given out Dec. 13th.

Math Quarterly will be given on Jan. 17th.

Feb. 20th, 21st and 22nd will be full attendance days for students

June 4th will be full day not a ½ day.


Mr. Surrett:  High School Applications are due by the latest Dec. 10th

Science Quarterly will be given on Jan. 18th.


Ms. Bogaty:  City Harvest Food Collection will be held Dec. 3rd-7th.  Please send in canned foods or pre-packaged food.  Toys for Tots Drive will be held Dec. 10th-14th.  Please send in unwrapped, new, unused toys.

Photos are due in by the week of Dec. 15th.  Re-takes will be on Jan. 4th

8th graders will be taking the “Big Photo” on Dec. 11th, along with talent class photos.


Box Tops:  Denise Raccan reported that Box Tops raised $400 to date.


SunShine:  Karin Gerbavsits reported that a Get-well card was sent to Ms. Simos on behalf of the PTA.


Old Business/New Business:  Some discussion ensued in response to a comment on the school’s uniform policy.  It was suggested that anyone with personal issues concerning the uniform policy contact the grade Assistant Principal.


The PTA President stated that volunteers are needed for the performance of the Nutcracker on Dec. 8th and a Holiday Breakfast for the staff to be held on Dec. 21st

Next PTA Meeting  to be held on January 24th, 2013.


Adjournment:  Denise Raccan made motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by Karin Gerbavsits

Meeting adjourned 9:10 P.M.