PTA of MS 67 Minutes January 24, 2013


PTA of MS 67 General Membership Meeting

January 24, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM.

A motion to approve minutes was made by Anna Cucchiara and was seconded by Karin Gerbavskts. Motion passed by vote from membership.

President’s Report:

Jerry Paretta, Linda Courtney and Greg Mitchell formed a committee to review and revise the by-laws, which are in compliance with the chancellor’s regulations.  Jerry Paretta distributed the revised by-laws to the membership. A vote will be taken at the next PTA meeting.

Jerry Paretta presented the PTA gift of $4,500 to Ms. McGrath to be used towards the Art, Drama, Sports, and Academic Clubs.

Jerry Paretta spoke to Thomas Keaney about the sidewalk damage caused by falling trees during Hurricane Sandy. He’s sending someone to school on 1/25 to inspect. It’s too cold to pour cement.

School Leadership Team:

Two meetings were discussed – 1) Teacher growth reports and new evaluations on 1/17/13. Union still in negotiations. 2) Lighting Fixtures – PCB free lighting will be used to replace fixtures.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ruth Harrigan stated we are close to budget.  Some fundraising will take place in the spring.  Ruth Harrigan, Jerry Paretta and Ms. Bogaty will work together to host school website, which should be uploaded by next meeting.

V.P. Membership:

There was nothing to report.


Valentine’s Day Dance will be held on 2/14 from 3 – 5 PM.  Volunteers are needed to sell refreshments.

School Safety Committee:

No one is permitted in school before 7:30 AM.  Cameras will be installed inside of school. On 12/20/12, a soft lockdown was conducted.  There will be 18 fire drills/year.  Only access into the school will be through the front entrance.

Parents as Literacy Partners Workshop:

Ms. Efsthathiou, Literacy coach for MS 67, discussed curriculum standards and how to help children at home. Common Core Standards are more rigorous and place higher expectations on all grade levels. The Reading Curriculum includes different genres, strengthening comprehension, and building analytical skills. The Writing Curriculum includes building writing quality and developing analytical skills.


Principal’s Report:

Regents schedule and 8th Grade notices about prom, graduation, etc. will go out shortly.

Ms. McGrath spoke about safety in building. Service entrance is locked. Deliveries must be made after 7:30 AM when security guards are present. Drivers must sign in at front entrance, show ID, and service door is opened. Soft lockdown drill held before Newtown tragedy. The principal can lift soft lockdown drill and police lift a hard lockdown drill.

School submitted all documents for underutilization of building. Plans are being reviewed.


Parent Coordinator and Grade Reports:

6th Grade – Ms. Choit:

            Ms. Choit was absent

7th Grade – Mr. Schandel:

            2/14 – Report cards for 2nd Quarter will be distributed.

                     Valentine’s Day Dance will take place from 3 – 5 PM. SO members are free

                     and all others pay $10.

            2/18 to 2/19 – No school for mid-winter recess.

            3/7 –  Interim report cards for 3rd Quarter will be distributed.

8th Grade – Mr. Surrett:

            2/28 – Parent Teacher Conferences will be held from 12:50 – 2:50 PM and 6:00 –                       8:30 PM.

            3/15 – High School results arrive.

            3/20 – Night of the Arts will be held at 6:30 PM.

            There is a wait list for the Washington D.C. trip.

Parent Coordinator – Ms. Bogaty:

            All individual pictures, retakes, and yearbook pictures have been taken.


There was nothing to report.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Eleana Kokotos