PTA of MS 67 Thursday March 21, 2013

PTA of MS 67

General Membership Meeting

Thursday March 21, 2013

Meeting was called to order 7:10

A motion was made to approve the January PTA minutes by Alieen Zhong  and seconded by Amit Guha all were in favor.

Jerry Paretta requested a motion be made to approve the PTA By laws. A motion was made by Anna Cucchiara and seconded by Donna Randazzo. All were in favor and a copy of the PTA by laws will be available on line.

Nomination Committee for 2013-2014 needs to be formed. Three to five parents are needed to fill positions on the PTA board.

Mr. Paretta is looking for some sort of discount card so that we could boost up fundraising efforts.

Our Treasurer Ruth Harrigan states that we are at 57% of our budgeted income, so that we are low and need to try to make up the difference.

April 28 is a bowling fundraiser and a flyer will be sent home and emailed.

The night of the Arts brought in $795.00

May 3 and May 4 is the performance of Annie Get your Gun, a flyer will be sent for tickets.

 At the school leadership meeting they discussed that all school aids must use the time clock to punch in and out.  Also school cameras were installed and there are 47 in total. The 12 day plan was to begin for the State Testing.

No issues to report for the safety Committee.

A letter was sent to councilman Dan Halleran’s office to try to get a school crossing sign.

Mr. Weichorst and Mrs. Choit discussed what is needed for our NY State exams in Math and ELA. Common Core hand out were given and explained. The Math test will be made up of multiple choice questions and extended response questions that would not only need to be solved but it must justify a reason for it. The three day exam the students will need to bring: 3 pencils, erasers, scientific calculator, ruler and a protractor. The ELA test dates are April 16, 17 and 18. The Math test dates are April 24, 25, and 26. There will be a practice and extra help given in ELA on Sat. April 10.  And for Math the practice and extra help session will be on Sat April 20.

Report cards will be given out on April 26.   April 5 will be service league assembly at 8:30 am. The eighth grade acceptance letters went out and 250 students were accepted to specialized high school.

Mrs. Bogaty reported that parent surveys are due by April 12. The CDEC election will be extended.

Our next PTA meeting will be on April 25.

Meeting adjourned at 9:06 

Respectfully submitted by Anna Cucchiara