PTA of MS 67 Minutes May 23, 2013

PTA of MS 67

General Membership Meeting

May 23, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.


A motion to approve minutes was made by Denise Racan and was seconded by Donna Randazzo. Motion passed by vote from membership.

President’s Report:

Gerry Paretta thanked volunteers for selling refreshments at Annie Get Your Gun on May 3 and 4. He also thanked the outgoing board members.


The PTA Budget for the 2013-2014 school year has decreased. Jerry suggested that he work with the VP Fundraiser to increase membership based on tiered donations, increase advertising on website, and raise money through an online defensive driving course. A motion to accept budget was made by Donna Randazzo and was seconded by Anna Cucchiara. Motion was approved by vote from membership.


The Year-End Dinner will be held on June 6 at TJK Cafe.


Executive Board Elections:

The PTA Elections of the 2013-2014 Executive Board took place. The following positions were filled:

PTA President: Gerry Paretta

Nominated by Anna Cucchiara and seconded by Eleana Kokotos. Membership             voted for him.

PTA Recording Secretary: Eleana Kokotos

Nominated by Anna Cucchiara and seconded by Donna Randazzo. Membership             voted for her.

PTA Treasurer: Ruth Harrigan

Nominated by Donna Randazzo and seconded by Anna Cucchiara. Membership             voted for her.

PTA Financial Secretary: Donna Randazzo

Nominated by Ruth Harrigan and seconded by Anna Cucchiara. Membership             voted for her.

PTA VP Fundraising: Nomination will be opened in September

PTA VP Membership: Denise Racan

Nominated by Karin Gerbavits and seconded by Donna Randazzo. Membership             voted for her.

PTA Corresponding Secretary: Megan Rha

Nominated by Ruth Harrigan and seconded by Annette Mohammed. Membership             voted for her.



School Leadership Team Elections:

Dina Katz was nominated by Donna Randazzo and seconded by Denise Racan to serve on the 2013-2014 SLT. The vote by membership was unanimous.


School Leadership Team:

NY State report card was discussed. It consists of three parts: Profile, Student Performance and Student Outcome.


Treasurer’s Report:

Ruth Harrigan stated that we are below budget and PTA raised $160.00 from the Bowling Fundraiser.


V.P. Membership:

There was nothing to report.


V.P. Fundraising:

Notices will be sent home for an online Defensive Driving Course and the PTA will get a percentage. A suggestion was made that the Membership Pledge Drive be based on a tiered system.


School Safety Committee:

There were no safety issues to report. The cameras will be fully up and running in September and two computer screens will located at the security desk in the main entrance.


Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McGrath thanked outgoing officers and graduating parents. She also thanked parents who are willing to step up and serve next year. Mrs. McGrath looks forward to working with all parents.


The ELA and Math scores are not in yet. The exact raw scores won’t be in until the middle of July. However, the scores of students who receive a 1 or will be in by June.


Cameras will be up and running in two weeks. They will be located in the hallways, stairwells, gym, auditorium, and cafeteria. There will be no cameras in classrooms.

Parents will receive a letter about cameras and an assembly will be held for students.


Parent Coordinator and Grade Reports:

6th Grade – Ms. Choit:

5/29 – Spanish Quarterly (7th Grade only)

6/3 –  6th Grade trip to Medieval Times

6/4 –  Social Studies Quarterly

Open House for incoming 6th grade students (6 – 8 pm)

6/5 –  ARISTA Ceremony

6/6 –  No school for students

6/10 – 1/2 Day for students

6th Grade Parent Tour

6/17 – 8th Grade Award Ceremony

6/19 – 8th Grade Prom (Douglaston Manor)

6/21 – 8th Grade Graduation (Cardozo H.S.)


7th Grade – Mr. Schandel:

5/24- 8th Grade returns from Washington D.C.

5/30- Math Quarterly (6th and 7th Grades)

5/31- 8th Grade Science Performance Test

6/1 –  Earth Science and Biology Open House

6/3 –  8th Grade Science Written Test

7th Grade trip to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

6/5 –  Science Quarterly (6th and 7th Grades)

6/7 –  Student-Faculty Basketball game at 3:30 pm. Tickets are $5.00

6/11 -1/4 Day and Biology Regents@12:10pm

6/12 -1/4 Day and Integrated Algebra Regents @ 12:10pm

6/14 -1/4 Day and Earth Science Regents @ 10:10am

6/17 -1/4 Day and Foreign Language Proficiency Test

6/26 -1/2 Day

Last day of school

Report cards will be distributed with mandatory summer reading list and                       school supply list.


8th Grade – Mr. Surrett  was with the 8th grade class on the Washington DC trip.

Parent Coordinator – Ms. Bogaty:

Extra candy can be sold during the Student-Faculty Basketball game  June 7.



Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Eleana Kokotos