General Membership Meeting – June 13, 2013

PTA of MS 67
General Membership Meeting
June 13, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 4:04 PM.

A motion to approve minutes was made by Jeannette Segal and was
seconded by Annette Mohammed. Motion passed by vote from membership.

President’s Report:
The purpose of this meeting was to open up nominations for several  PTA
Executive Board positions. The following positions were filled:

PTA Co-President: Jeannette Segal
Nominated by Donna Randazzo and seconded by Denise Racan. Motion was

PTA VP of Fundraising: Annette Mohammed
Nominated by Denise Racan and seconded by Kristi Muccini. Motion was

PTA Co-Vice Presidents: Melissa Taylor
Nominated by Kristi Muccini and seconded by Denise Racan. Motion was
Kristi Muccini
Nominated by Jeanette Segal and seconded by Eleana Kokotos.
Motion was

PTA Recording Secretary, Eleana Kokotos, cast one vote and nominations
are closed and electorate is installed.

Jerry Paretta stated that PTA received a check for $200.00 from Magic
Carpet Camp.  He also said that City Councilman Mark Wepner will repair
curb in front of school with metal sticks.

Jerry Paretta thanked Ms. McGrath, teachers, school personnel, the PTA
Executive Board, and parents for all of their help.

Principal’s Report:
Ms. McGrath thanked parents and Jerry Paretta for all of their help and
welcomed the new members of the PTA Executive Board.

Meeting adjourned at 4:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Eleana Kokotos