General Membership Meeting September 19, 2013


PTA of MS 67

General Membership Meeting

September 19, 2013



Meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM.


Co-President’s Report:

The new PTA Executive Board was introduced by Pta Co-Presidents, Jerry Paretta and Jeannette Segal.


PTA VP of Fundraising: Annette Mohammed, Kristi Muccini, and Melissa Taylor

PTA VP Membership: Denise Racan

PTA Recording Secretary: Eleana Kokotos

PTA Corresponding Secretary: Megan Ra

PTA Financial Secretary: Donna Randazzo

PTA Treasurer: Ruth Harrigan

PTA Webmaster: Matt Harrigan


PTA Executive Board – Open Positions:

Box Top Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Advertising Coordinator. Motion passed by vote from membership.


PTA Budget:

MS 67 is down 2 school aides they assisted with making copies for us. The PTA asked membership to increase the PTA Printing budget from $250 to $400. A motion to approve budget was made by Patrick McGreevy and seconded by Florence Palomo.


VP Membership Report:

Annual membership drive starts next week. Recommended donation of $50 per family is used to pay for student programs and activities.  Membership envelopes and letter will be included in the PTA welcome packets.


VP Fundraiser Report:

An ice skating event will take place in the fall. Some other proposed fundraisers (subject to Ms. McGrath’s approval) include a coffee fundraiser, a clothing drive, and a 5K run.


Safety Committee Report:

No real safety issues. Cameras in school are fully operational. There are no cameras in classrooms, lockers or restrooms.


School Leadership Team Report:

There were no changes to the homework policy. ELA and Math scores were compared to other middle schools and MS 67 scored at the top. School survey report was presented. Since 35% of parents opted out of the uniform, the school cannot enforce the policy.   Students are still encouraged to wear the uniforms but the administration will no longer enforce it.


Administrator’s Report:

Ms. Zoi McGrath, Principal:

There are 3 new science teachers – Mr. Paccione, Mr. Noto and Mr. Ianello. There are 31 classes this year (10 per grade + 1 special-ed self contained class). Currently there are 3 Assistant Principals and one more will be added. Cameras that survey both the inside and outside of building were turned on on 9/17. New curriculum is in effect. Standardized test scores were lower than last year but MS 67 is still the #1 middle school in the district.


Ms. Barbara Choit, 6th GradeGrade Assistant Principal:

Ms. Choit is in charge of ELA, S.S., buses, and lunch. Cafeteria uses a cashless system. All students must return lunch forms. On 9/30, paid lunch will increase to $1.75 and reduced lunch will be free. Hunter H.S. exam is given in 1/14 to qualifying students with a minimum ELA score of 346 and a minimum Math score of 343.


Mr. Henry Schandel, 7th Grade Assistant Principal:

Mr. Schandel is in charge of Math and Technology. The password and login for Jupiter Grades will be mailed home. There will be 2 assemblies on 9/20 for Service League and Self-Sustaining Program. Interim Progress Report will go out on 10/9.


Mr. Jeffrey Surrett, 8th Grade Assistant Principal:

Specialized H.S. process is underway. Dates to remember:

9/23 – Student survey form due

9/28 & 9/29- City-wide H.S. fair @ Brooklyn Tech HS

10/3 – HS application process workshop

10/10- Stuyvesant HS Open House

10/11 – Ring, cap and gown measurements

10/17- Bronx HS of Science Open House

10/26 & 10/27- SHSAT test

11/9 – TACHS test


Ms. Rhonda Bogaty, Parent Coordinator:

Email is working. Dates to remember:

9/19 – I.D. Pictures for incoming 6th graders and all other new students

10/4 – 6th & 7th grade picture day

10/9 – 8th grade picture day


Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Eleana Kokotos