NYC School Surveys Due April 1

image004Please Complete the NYC School Survey
(a.k.a. the Green Survey or Learning Environment Survey)
Please complete this year’s NYC School Survey which is due by April 1.

As you know, every year, all parents, teachers and students in grades 6-12 complete the NYC School Survey. The survey presents an important opportunity to get the critical feedback we need from families and students to make all schools across the City stronger. Our aim is to engage the students and families we serve to create supportive and academically rigorous classrooms and make every school a place where all our students can succeed.

Take the 2016 NYC School Survey online. The survey is available in all 9 languages.

As you take the survey, you may notice that we’ve made several changes this year based on feedback from this group and other parent leaders. For example, we’ve significantly reduced the number of questions included and also worked to simplify and improve its language in order to make the survey more user-friendly.

You should have already received a green envelope from your child’s school that includes your survey.  And, you may complete it on paper or online at using the survey access code located on the bottom right hand corner of the paper survey that has been provided to you by your child’s school. If you cannot find your paper survey, please call the Survey Hotline at 1-800-690-8603.

Again, all surveys must be completed by April 1.