High School Students Panel on Nov. 19. 2018; Volunteer Opportunities; Membership Drive; Yearbook; School Portraits; Ice Cream Sales; Parent Workshop for ELEVATE; Sustainability Efforts at MS67Q; Grinch MSG Show Fundraiser

Please find below some important events coming up, and hope to see you at some or all of them!

1)   A MUST-ATTEND EVENT for students and parents!  The Third Annual High School Student Panel Event

Please join us at the PTA meeting on Monday November 19, 2018 at 7PM as we welcome a panel of high schoolers and recent graduates to talk about their high schools and answer any questions the students or parents might have.  It is a golden opportunity to gather information and insights as the high school application deadline approaches.  Please bring your middle school students so they can hear for themselves what it is like for MS67 alums at the various high schools.

As in all our PTA meetings, we will also be joined at the PTA meeting by Principal Annello and other school administrative team members who will provide updates and reports and address any questions we might have.

The schools being represented are:

BARD Early College
Beacon (to be confirmed)
Bronx Science
Brooklyn Tech
Francis Lewis Science Research Program (to be confirmed)
High School of American Studies at Lehman College
Stuyvesant HIgh School
Townsend Harris (to be confirmed)

2)  Parent Volunteer Opportunities Coming Up!  Fund Raising Updates!

A signifcant part of the PTA’s function is to raise sufficient funds to support our students and the school’s programs and initiatives.  Here is what is going on in reaching our fundraising goals.  Together we CAN make it happen for ALL of our children.

*  Ice Cream Sale Fundraiser update:  In accordance with the Chancellor’s regulations which do not allow for the sale of ice cream by the school or PTA more than once a month, ice cream sales will now be held on the first Thursday of every month – same time (10:30-12:45), two doors down from the cafeteria.  Ice cream items will be sold for $2.00 and $3.00 each.  Please feel free to signup for available Thursday slots HERE!

*  Membership Drive update:  Elevate Education will be introduced to all MS 67 students, educators and parents, thanks to many generous parents.  This is only the beginning.  The PTA wants to offer many more educational programs to your child but we need ALL your help.  If you have already donated to the Membership Drive, our many thanks.  Elevate would not have been possible without you!  If you have not donated, please consider making a recommended donation of $75.00 – more or less is up to you – payable to MS67 PTA in an envelope marked PTA Membership Drive to your child’s homeroom. Your child can only move forward with your help!

*  Just in time for your holiday shopping –  Be on the look out for Modell’s Coupon 15% OFF entire purchase from 11/23-12/30.
Electronic coupons will be emailed to you & the hard copies will be available at Cabaret & parent/teacher meeting.   (You can always let the cashier know that you want to use the fundraising coupon for the MS67Q PTA or Louis Pasteur Middle School PTA and they will look up the coupon code and apply it to your purchase.)

*  Parent volunteers are needed at the following bake or refreshment sales.  Please sign up!

11/15 at 6:30PM – Cabaret – bake sale – donate items or help out at the sale (Sign up HERE),
11/16 after school – Student Organization Dance – refreshments, pizza, and snacks (HERE)
11/27 12:20-2:20PM and 5:00-8:00PM – Parent / Teacher Conf. – bake sale – donate items or help out at the sale (HERE)
12/15 Meet us at Madison Square Garden!  Theater tickets to How the Grinch Stole Christmas

For Saturday, 12/15/2018, the PTA is offering discount tickets ($50.00 each, discounted from $80) to the theater show How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
This is a 7PM show that takes place at the Madison Square Garden Theater. This is an offer only and not a supervised event. All proceeds from these tickets will go toward academic and after school clubs for MS67 children. This event is in partnership with the annual Douglaston Village Winter Festival. The festival takes place 12/15 from 12PM-5PM and is held at the Douglaston Station Plaza (next to the LIRR station).
Flyers will be posted online later this week and sent home. Theater ticket orders and check payments should be made out to MS67 PTA and received by the MS67 PTA no later than Monday, 11/26.

3)  Yearbook update:  Eighth grade parents will be receiving a flyer to upload your photos for the yearbook. We are in need of photos for school plays, after school teams, field trips, field day, student organization, school dances, recess/lunch, art, drama, dance, chorus, robotics, band and coding.  Start collecting, parents!

4)  School Portraits update:  Don’t forget to view and order your child’s school portraits online!  Ships direct to parents.  Orders typically print and ship within 48 hours.  Amazing products like mugs, fridge magnets, etc.  Choice of beautiful backgrounds and poses.  Complimentary retake/absentee session on December 10th. (Please note change.) Last day to order:  November 15.  Hurry!!

All students received their special code to access all photo proofs. If you haven’t received your special access code contact the PTA by emailing us at contact@ms67pta.org.

5)  Parent Teacher Conference Dates are coming up!  You should have received a flyer (HERE) from Assistant Principal Rizzo through the PupilPath email blast.  You’ll need to sign up starting at 7AM on November 9th.  Here are the dates and times for the conferences:

Tuesday, Nov 20 – 2:25-3:00PM (7min conferences)
Tuesday, Nov 27 – 12:20-2:20PM (6min conferences) 5:00-8:00PM (6min conferences)
Tuesday, Dec 4 – 2:25-3:00PM (7min conferences)
Tuesday, Dec 11 – 2:25-3:00PM (7min conferences)

6)  Sustainability Efforts at MS67Q.  Let’s help our students in their efforts to save energy, recycle, and help others!  Let’s send in plastic bottles and cans and colored bottle caps.

Please read the following from Mr. Rankin:
“I am the sustainability coordinator for our school.  My job is to make sure we are in compliance with energy conservation, recycling, health and wellness of our school, and other minute items.  As of this writing, we are working on many sustainability items, which include:

8th Grade: concentrating on recycling awareness

7th Grade: concentrating on energy conservation

6th Grade: concentrating on updating our bottle cap mural

As a school we are raising money for men and women who need funding to receive radiation treatment for breast cancer, by collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans from our recycling bins.  We are affiliated with a non-4-profit organization called Cans-4-Cancer (http://recycling4acure.org/cans-4-cancer/).  We had one pickup thus far and accumulated 1,326 recyclable items and raised $62.15.  Would you be able to send a message out to the parents of MS 67 to bring in their recyclable items that can be redeemed for $.05.  Thank you.

Also, we are in need of colored bottle caps such as blue, pink, orange, purple, and yellow.”