PTA Board

The 2018/19 MS 67 PTA Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Megan Rha and Patricia Levy 
(Preside over all meetings, are involved with all committees and perform all duties of the office including attending Presidents’ Council meetings.)

Treasurer: Andrea Choi
(Handles all money for the PTA and keeps accurate accounting records.)

Recording Secretary: Gabriela Carratu
(Keeps accurate records of meeting minutes and records of attendance.)

Co-Vice Presidents Fundraising: Maureen Barrett and Michelle Barrett Sheppard
(Responsible for coordination of fundraising events.)

Co-Vice Presidents Membership: Evi Kapnisakis and Maria Brusco
(Responsible for coordination of membership drive.)

Webmaster: Karen Wang
(Responsible for correspondence of the association, the “sunshine committee”, and update/upkeep of the PTA website.)

Financial Secretary: Andrea Choi
(Responsible for collection, counting, and deposit of funds and issuing receipts. Assists the treasurer in maintaining books and records of PTA.)

VP Volunteer Coordinator: open
(Responsible for obtaining volunteers for fundraising events.)

VP Box Top Coordinator: Olga Doban
(Responsible for collection of box tops for school funding.)

To learn more about our board members: Meet the Board

If you have any questions, please email them to us.